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Way Back Home: Cry Me A River



The Idea: Three months in a Paris prison, 1 year in the Martinique prison, and nine months on parole. 756 nightmarish days spent in a foreign land 22 hours and 12,400 kilometers away from Korea…

Jeong-yeon is a caring wife and mother and a sensitive woman who finds herself plunged into a legal ordeal thousands of miles from home. After years of planning, she and her husband Jong-bae open an auto body repair shop, only to see everything they’ve worked for stripped away when a loan Jong-bae had guaranteed defaults. Facing financial despondency, the couple gets into a vicious fight about money, sending Jeong-yeon away, leaving only a cryptic note saying she’ll be back in a few days. When she turns up looking nervous at Orly Airport in Paris with over 30 kilograms of cocaine in her luggage, it is the beginning of a globe-spanning nightmare that began with an old friend and a tempting propositions.


We’re Crazy About:

  1. Based on true story.
  2. All the actors/actress play brilliant in here, they can provide a nice act with a good emotional.
  3. We love the locations, it was brilliant. The story and storyline very nice. Plus, they have a good point.


We’re Confuse About:

  1. It’s too typical of Korean movie. Too much drama, perhaps it can kill you ya!!!!


The Whole Point: If you want to find a sad and inspiring drama, yes, we totally recommended you to watch this. This movie totally can make you sad, so deep until you cry. But if you don’t want to keep in touch with any drama on the big screen, well just forget about it! The choice is in your hand now.. Enjoy!!!!




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