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Godzilla: Steal the Spotlight



The Idea: The Godzilla is back, but now he just not come to make a chaos in the big city. He meets his rivals. Hunt them to the ends of the world. But why he wakes up now? And why he wants to beat them? You can find the answer when you watch the new Godzilla 2014.


We’re Crazy About:

  1. We love the effect. We also love the monsters and yes the Godzilla. When you watch it in 3D, the effect is brilliant. Especially in fighting scenes. Totally awesome!! And yes, we love the secret weapon from Godzilla!!


We’re Confuse About: 

  1. They didn’t have storyline even the story is totally worst. 
  2. They want to put some “Hollywood” drama in this movie, but it didn’t work at all. It’s a disaster.
  3. All the actors/actress doesn’t do their jobs, it’s nightmare.


The Whole Point: The reason to watch in this movie is Godzilla!! That’s it! So if you want to watch it beside the Godzilla point, trust us, you will not find anything beside a cheaper drama!! But because of the Godzilla, you can forgive it! Because you will pamper with a very alluring effect.




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