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Coming Soon: The Longest Week


From: America


Duration: 86 minutes


The Idea: 

Conrad, an immature man-child, has spent his life in a chic Manhattan Hotel ever since his parents decided to take a 20 year vacation to Paris, leaving him to be raised by hotel staff at the age of 11. Now in his early 30’s, Conrad’s life is filled with one night stands, alcohol, and lavish parties. His spoiled life come to an end when he looses his trust fund as a result of his parents’ divorce and is forced out to the street.

After some advice and 200 dollars from his therapist, hilarity ensues as Conrad begins his new life. Broke and homeless, Conrad moves with his old friend, Dylan, and tries to get his life in order. Within the same week, Conrad falls for Beatrice, the only girl capable turning his life around, who happens to be Dylan’s girlfriend. Will he sacrifice his friendship for love, or betray the friend that took him in when he is cut off, or does everything come crashing down as he is in way over his head ?


Director: Peter Glanz


The cast:

  • Jason Bateman
  • Olivia Wilde
  • Billy Crudup
  • Jenny Slate

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