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Restaurant Review: Three Buns


Well, I found a good hotspot in Senopati, SouthJakarta for hangout, it’s called Three Buns. And yes, they still part of PTT Family, so no wonder why this place looks so attractive and awesome. Plus, theyhave a lot of amazing food and drinks. Well, lucky me, I got a friend who works there. So I start to ask him a few questions about this place.

  1. Why name it “Three Buns”?

We named the restaurant ‘Three Buns’ as we serve three main types of buns for our burgers. Wholemeal bun, demi brioche bun, and white choco bun.

  1. Why choose a “bulldog” as a logo for Three Buns?

‘Wilfred the bulldog’ was the idea of one of our directors, he had a few Bulldogs as pets, and the design department set about creating a memorable, lovable Dog head design. We feel that he represents our spirit of fun and irreverence.

  1. What’s the concept of this restaurant?

We wanted to create an organic community space open to all and serving a menu of gourmet burgers and cocktails and accompaniments of a quality and design as yet unseen in Indonesia.

  1. What’s the interior theme of this restaurant?

The design of Three Buns adheres to PTT Family’s ethos of creating spaces that are innovative and in tune with their surroundings, as well as the unpretentious and communal feel the philosophy of the restaurant demands. Designed to be as open and welcoming as possible the restaurant has an open kitchen and tiered wooden communal seating with an abundance of plants and light throughout, a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  1. Why choose the location in Senopati? Any specific reason for that.

Senopati has an extremely vibrant restaurant scene of course, but mainly the space we found was perfect for our vision of the restaurant – it just felt right.

  1. What’s the selling point of this restaurant?

The selection of gourmet burgers and the rest of Adam’s main menu and classic sides demonstrate his talent, love of high quality meat and sauces and years of research perfecting the perfect burger. In addition, unlike many restaurants in Jakarta, nearly everything we serve is homemade, from the sauces to the pickles to the mix of the meat used in our burgers.

  1. Three Buns choose to use a main material from wood to decorate the whole place, why? And what kind of wood do you use for the material?

We use spruce for the seating area and the wooden posts are made of southern yellow pine. In addition to this material serving our purpose of creating an oasis in the city well – we also felt that the wood gives an atmosphere of informality and fun, something we feel is very important for Three Buns.

  1. Let’s talk about the cashier area. You used the old car in this area. Where’s the idea come from?

The vintage re-conditioned Camper Van is situated within the space and serves as the order station for customers, a playful feature sure to remind patrons of the Group’s reputation for inventive and original architecture and interiors.

  1. I saw a two pictures upside the bar wall. Can you explain about this pictures meaning or the idea of the picture?

Representing the soul and character of Three Buns. The two characters on the wall are of an old butcher & the butcher’s dog, which has been said, appears to resemble of chef Adam.

  1. For me the center of the attention “Three Buns” is the bar area. Why you bring the bar into the restaurant?

To complement the gourmet burgers, you need great drinks and cocktails. The drinks list at Three Buns has been created by world-renowned mixologist Dre Masso, and reflects the restaurant’s philosophy of simplicity, innovation and quality. House-made natural sodas, craft bottled cocktails as well as frozen coladas, premium spirits and a short wine list.

  1. Do you have any special event like once in a month?

We have our monthly LET’S GET CRAFTY artisanal cocktail and burger events as well as BBQ Weekends. Coming soon we’ll be hosting a ‘Burger festival’.


  1. Can you tell me more about the menu in “Three Buns”?

We use the finest Australian Brahman beef and a bespoke artisan bun. The burgers are priced from IDR75,000 and cooked precisely to medium unless otherwise re- quested. We often have new burgers appearing on the menu – in fact a whole new brunch menu will soon be available – it includes our take on the Peanut and Jelly Sandwich – in this case an ice cream burger.

  1. Do you have any tagline?



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