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Testament of Youth: Bittersweet

The Idea: During World War I, a young English woman named Vera Brittain, postpones her studies at Oxford University to serve as a Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse in London and abroad. After the war she returns to Oxford to read history and later becomes a writer, feminist and pacifist.

We’re Crazy About:

  1. The story is dramatic, but not cheesy at all. Perhaps it’s too feminist, but it’s fun. You will see how strong Vera, even she looks like so weak.
  2. The character of the movie is lovely and details. They gave a space for all of the cast and they also play well.
  3. They have a strong message and the value of the movie can describe well.
  4. Well, we love the poster.

We’re Confuse About:

  1. Because the story is kinda slow, sometimes for some people it will be boring also the point of view of this movie perhaps a little feminism.

The Whole Point: Yes, perhaps it’s like another biography movie story. But something different about this movie. It’s sparkling, sweet, and bitter. We love it.


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