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Face to Face: Markus Benz – CEO Walter Knoll

Marcus Benz - CEO Walter Knoll

Marcus Benz – CEO Walter Knoll

A short time ago I was given a valuable opportunity to meet directly with Marcus Benz, CEO of Walter Knoll and do one on one interview. This brand creates living spaces. With masterly craftsmanship, exquisite materials and sustainable design. Furniture from Walter Knoll fulfils the desire for quality of life and creates genuine values. For the international lifestyle of today. Walter Knoll is known as the furniture brand of the modern age. Founded in 1865 with a “leather shop” in Stuttgart, Germany, the company continues to make its mark in the history of furniture: it has created classic pieces and icons of the avant-garde and is a by-word throughout the world for modern design.

Walter Knoll has a very special relationship with designers and architects. Because new ideas and concepts are born of in-depth communication, intense processes and the clarification of ideas. Together, the search begins for the empty spaces, the gap for something which has never been.

Great moments demand unique constellations. The right partners and long-term cooperation get you closer and closer to new solutions. A process which gains its strength from the synergy of design, product development and marketing. The shared ability to analyse is one of the secrets of success.

How important Asia market for Walter Knoll?

Market in Asia takes a big part of our brand, because the people who lives in this region loves the quality of a product and a good design. They are also very keen to have a classy furniture. At this time Walter Knoll also celebrates the 150th anniversary, where our brand taken an important role in the emergence of modern furniture. Therefore, the market in Asia is important for us.

Many argue that the market in Asia is quite easy to conquer, what do you think about this?

The competition in the export market is not easy, because you have to build a sense of trust with the client beforehand. Not only that, you also have to create an exact imaging for the brand, so there is no misunderstanding when you already in the business. We built it 150 years ago, so this is not an easy thing for us.

Walter knoll often become a sponsor for the big events such as Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2014 and blockbusters movies. What are the strongest reasons for Walter Knoll did this?

We want people to know that Walter Knoll focus on the high end segment, so we introduce this brand through the big events. Cooperation that we have with our clients aiming to assert its position and brand of Walter Knoll itself to the wider community.

The Devil Wears Prada… and sits on FK. Like Meryl Streep on the screen, aficionados worldwide worship its unmistakable appearance: FK – the unique form, the clear contours, the perfect lines. The bucket seat is an icon of minimalism in design. This new interpretation of a classic emphasises the outer shell. Chic and clean, shining and stylish. The leather cover on top, inviting and familiar. The new executive chair – not only for diabolic editors-in-chief. Devilishly good.

Nowadays a lot of interior designers have an important role rather than homeowners when choosing a furniture. How do you assess this behavior?

According to me, to fill in a dwelling becomes more attractive is not an easy matter. It is enough to recognize a good product, but you should be able to imagine it will be placed where and if it fits with your dwelling. So for me, a very brilliant idea if you previously consult with an interior designer, so it will get maximum results.

Walter Knoll was founded 150 years ago and is still the top brand that are always sought after by consumers. What’s the secret of this success?

Being an authentic brand. This is a result of the pressure arising from your actions. If you feel enjoys a certain thing, then good ideas will always emerge. It certainly would not be a problem for you. Will appear a variety of debate for some people, but it will help you to find the meaning of the important values in life. Call it mutual respect, a sense of responsibility, and loyalty, where our craftsmen always give their best to the products that we made. It is a philosophy that we always keep.


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