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London Has Fallen: Entertaining Bombing


The Idea: After the death of the British prime minister, the world’s most powerful leaders gather in London to pay their respects. Without warning, terrorists unleash a devastating attack that leaves the city in chaos and ruins. Secret Service agent Mike Banning springs into action to bring U.S. President Benjamin Asher to safety. When Asher falls into the hands of the sinister organization, it’s up to Banning to save his commander in chief from a horrible fate.

1. We like the idea of the story line. It gave us a clue how hard the protocol to protect the president.
2. They used a great cast, and they played well in this movie.
3. The script, they brought their nationality with them in this movie. It was great, but something missing.
4. The audio was amazing! We love when the bomb are bombing!


1. Event they have a good cast, but the story line not strong enough! I mean really Mike a.k .a Gerard Butler was totally like super human, I mean can you make more realistic. Plus they missing the details because they are focused with the bomb things.
2. The effects are sucks! Too computer thing! I mean like seriously they can do better than this!


Conclusion: Is not a bad movie, we put this as entertaining movie. Yes it’s action and full of guns, but too impossible. So when you watch the movie just don’t expect more like the previous movie, because it will not happen. So sit back and enjoy your popcorn, simple as it!



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