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The Huntsman Winter’s War: Lovely Package


The Idea: As two evil sisters prepare to conquer the land, two renegades, Eric the Huntsman, who previously aided Snow White in defeating Ravenna, and his forbidden lover, Sara, set out to stop them.

1. We love all details. From the story, characters, even the editing and music.
2. The script is perfect. We know the snow white movie was fantastic, but the movie is too much. We think, this movie is perfect. All the characters is taking a lead and they have a chemistry with the other cast so we saw it like a perfect team work. So all the cast have a same spotlight during the movie, we’re kind a like that. Plus we love the comedy.
3. The effect was brilliant and the customs also perfect.


1. Because it’s team work, perhaps it will be make some people boring. Why? Because they pay to see the cast not the movie. It happened to me when I watched last night. Two people around us, they prefer to play with the phone until their favorite cast back again in to screen. It was so tragic I guess. Better watch in TV guys!
2. The setting area and interior, I think they’re kinda sucks! Face it if you pay attention to the details, you will see how look cheap the setting area, I think they want to save the budget.
3. Yes I know I said the effect is good, but for the goblin things (sorry spoiler), the effect was horrible. Can we skip that part in the movie! It’s like a nightmare!


The conclusion: It’s a good movie compared to snow white. All the characters play so well and they have a chemistry one to the others, the script also perfect. If you want to see this you will have a story to tell. But if you only looking to see the cast, trust me this movie will make you boring!


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