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Three (Tri): The Underdog in 4G LTE



The Idea: after I didn’t write like a millions years, here we are. Right now, I will not only talk about movie but everything that I have been through. Now, I will talk about Three (Tri) and their performance in 4G.

Well Three is the youngest operator in Indonesia. Face it, they’re young and yes they have a very limited connection for 4G. But is it really worth it to put Three sim card to your phone and go surfing with their 4G?

That’s why I write this article for you guys. At this time, I will use Three Sim card in my BlackBerry Passport. I already test the connection like 4 days, and remember I used the phone also for work and yes pleasure. I also used it in every location in central Jakarta, west Jakarta, and south Jakarta. I did this because the customer service told me that Jakarta mostly got the signal for 4G, but for Puri Indah and around there, sorry it’s out the service. But I will update You later about the signal in north also east Jakarta. Just wait

So here’s my recaps:

1. Face it, it’s cheap and they offered the customers the big volume data for me.
2. The customer service was great. I brought my Sim card in 3 Store at Plaza Semanggi, and I really happy because they are nice and treat the customer very well. Even they shake hands at the first place. It’s unusual but very polite.
3. They have Bima Tri to remind you about everything, from the credits until volume data. It’s like your personal assistant.
4. They offered a lot of Internet package. My personal favorite is kuota++ kenyang download, because yes again it’s cheap and they offered a big volume data from 00.00-06.00. Because if you used the regular kuota, you still can use kuota++ kenyang download. It will automatically change.
5. So far in my area, the connection is okay. I got 4G but don’t always full but it’s work.
6. Because I used BlackBerry, so I have a push email and guess what! It’s super fast like telkomsel when I got the email. I tested it by my self, it’s only take 5 seconds to receive the email that I sent from my laptop.


1. If I locked in 4G, totally the signal is raped my battery life. I need to changers like two times. When I used telkomsel and 4G, I never met with this issue. So I know you will say to me why I don’t use 3G. Simple, because when I used it sometimes some websites didn’t open. But for youtube I don’t have any problem with that.
2. The issue is still the signal, because it’s unstable so when I open my BlackBerry world it can’t work. I tried like 10 times and only work for 2 times, it’s very frustrating me. It happened to me when I sent the email specially when I have file in the file. It’s like take 3 minutes. Well at least it’s still send anyway.


The conclusion: So far it’s very worth it. I love my new operator. Three give me the reason to believe that the Internet connection is not always expensive. Well I must say, yes it’s not the fastest connection but also not slow. Yes it’s cheap but not cheaper. It’s killing your battery life but face it, it’s cheap and you want everything is perfect, well just dream on.

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