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Review: Blackberry Aurora


Monologue: Who does not like the Blackberry? Everyone must have many memories of this one mobile phone. But that’s the past and most likely, you’ve used this device in early 2000. But can you imagine if you use Blackberry at this time?

This will be a very cliche question, but are you still using this device in 2017? If the pulse is yes, chances are you only use it just to receive or send E-mail only. It also can be ascertained that your Blackberry is not the new one but old devices that you may not sell because it is not valuable. And I guarantee most of the Blackberry device is still running the operating system Blackberry 7 or 10.

But times have changed, Blackberry is very aware of this. Although they are late in making a change but for me, their products are still the best. The good news again, they have started to apply the Android operating system into their homemade products such as Aurora Blackberry will be discussed on this occasion.


The Idea: BlackBerry Aurora combines all you expect from a BlackBerry smartphone with all the apps and great experience from Android. First in Indonesia (only) with dual micro simcard which gives operator choice more variety and best experience of messaging integrated on Android.

BlackBerry is equipped with Android Operating System 7 Nougat, which provides a more interesting experience in playing these smartphone features. With a wide screen width of 5.5 inches, allows users to access the menu, watch videos and play these smartphone features with more leverage.


  1. We love the case. It’s grip and nice also brilliant. And don’t forget that Blackberry also bring 2,5D glass to this phone. In this case, many of my friends didn’t notice that Aurora is Blackberry, and even worst they think this phone is a premium phone because all the materials they used are perfect.
  2. Rear camera: 13 megapixels (phase detection auto focus, dualtone led flash, CMOS sensor) and front camera: 8 megapixels with led flash are brilliant when compared to the products at the same level.
  3. Simcard Slot: Dual micro Simcard active in the same time (4G – 2G), OS: Android 7 Nougat,  and memory: 4 GB RAM.
  4. Blackberry Hub and of corse the Email, what else! And yes it’s Blackberry!
  5. The speakers are brilliant! It’s so damn loud when you set the volume > 50%. If you set less then that you will hear nothing, seriously! Don’t ask me why? It just happen like that! No clue!



  1. Chipset: Baseband MSM8917 Chipset 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 425. Yes it’s very embarrassing, why? Because if you think it can play the game so well, better think twice ore more before you buy this phone. In my case, I can’t open dinner dash and play it even worst I can’t watch a movie from iFlix. But for Netflix i have no problem at all. So weird! And the price is a lil bit higher compare to the other phone who used this chipset. So this phone is not really fun for entertainment!
  2. No fast charging! You need like two hours to charge the phone from 5% to 100%.
  3. Display: 5.5 inch, HD resolition 720×1280 (268 ppi pixel density). I mean this is 2017, at least full HD. But so far, I don’t find this problem is very annoying to me.

Conclusion: For me, this is an appropriate step for Blackberry. It is undeniable that this product has some very disturbing notes, especially in the use of Chipset. But apart from all that, this product has accompanied me as main device. I have no problem to open any messages, email, youtube, or anything else (beside the iFlix, of corse). I love it. Yes it’s not a flagship phone but I must say this phone is almost perfect. Feels very comfortable and premium. Although today many people are very anti using this product, but for me this product just feels very classy because it’s not mainstream product. So when most of the people said my phone look so good and they asked what it that. With pride, I will answer, “It is Blackberry, Bitch!”

Taken from Blackberry Aurora


outdoor – nite


in the room


low light


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