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Review:Blackberry Passport Red Edition in 2017


Blackberry Passport is a masterpiece! I totally fall in love with this device since it launched in June 2014. At that time, I thought this was it! Time to move on from my Blackberry Dakota. Is a very pleasant journey between me and Blackberry Dakota at that time. Time goes on, I have to deal with a lot of email and I guess my Dakota can’t handle it anymore. Yes, I also have a problem with the battery. So I don’t think twice to buy a Passport especially The Red Edition! Yes time to say goodbye to Dakota! The real reason why I love Blackberry Passport because the size! Plus, after they launched the red edition, I really in love with that phone. We had a roller coaster relationship. Even all of my colleagues really had no clue why I buy that big phone! But I have no doubt at all.

After 3 years, I still in love with Passport! But, all the bad news just come to fast when they stop most of the apps in BB 10. So, yeah! I have no clue. Maybe some of you said why I don’t change with Priv or Dtek. Simple reason, because in Indonesia they (Blackberry) don’t launch it officially. So I better skip that! Until Aurora comes out! And yes, after all this year, I‘m still in love with the blackberry.


The Idea: During my last day with Blackberry Passport, I just want to review, is it still worth it using Blackberry Passport or Blackberry 10 in 2017. So here we go!



  1. Blackberry Hub is still the best! Sorry Android, even you provide the email also but somehow the Email in Blackberry still works very flawless!
  2. The audio! No clue, i still fall in love with the audio! Loud like always!
  3. The battery is a beast! Don’t forget the keyboard is hilarious! The best damn keyboard ever!
  4. The red edition is totally must have!!!!!!!!


  1. The apps are not kool at all!  I mean you can’t find any facebook, what’s app, snapchat, instagram! Sounds simple but totally cut throat for the business. I have no clue why Blackberry don’t do anything about this. Sorry, not sorry! You seem to very enjoy to lose in the battle!
  2. If you watching the video or the youtube you will realize that the screen have a big black gap because the ratio of the screen! Until now they don’t fix the problem with any updates! Like don’t give a damn about it!
  3. The camera is pity! Very slow for auto-focus and the color seems washout! Still no updates…


Conclusion: Well, if you are only looking for a phone for email and do some phone call, well, perhaps Blackberry Passport or Blackberry 10 is a perfect device for you. But if you are looking for more well you have many options in the market nowadays either Android phone or another blackberry who’s run Android.


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