Na'oe Woda

Office Uprising: Simple Cuteness

The Idea: An employee at a weapons factory discovers that an energy drink turns his co-workers into zombies. Positive: This film is very easy to digest because the storyline is simple. Not only that, the scripts that are very flowing with a fresh comedy but not too much. As you watch this film, you will see […]

Apostle: Flat & Ordinary

The Idea: In 1905, a drifter on a dangerous mission to rescue his kidnapped sister tangles with a sinister religious cult on an isolated island. Positive: Comes with a simple concept, but can be executed very well making this film worth watching. By paying attention to many details, this film is able to give a good […]

Hell Fest: Promising, but Not Imprint

The Idea: A masked serial killer turns a horror-themed amusement park into his own personal playground, terrorizing a group of friends while the rest of the patrons believe that it is all part of the show. Positive: The story line comes with a theme that is quite close to us and can be said to […]

Aruna & Lidahnya: An Overview of the Beauty of Indonesian Cuisine

The Idea: When Aruna was assigned to investigate avian influenza cases that occurred simultaneously in eight cities around Indonesia, he took the opportunity to taste the richness of local culinary with his two best friends. In their travels, food, politics, religion, local history, and social reality not only linked to corruption, collusion, conspiracy, and misinformation […]

Venom: Naughty Superhero

The Idea: Investigative journalist Eddie Brock attempts a comeback following a scandal, but accidentally becomes the host of an alien symbiote that gives him a violent super alter-ego: Venom. Soon, he must rely on his newfound powers to protect the world from a shadowy organisation looking for a symbiote of their own. Positive: The story […]

Your Name: Lessons From a Point of View

The Idea: A teenage boy and girl embark on a quest to meet each other for the first time after they magically swap bodies. Positive: The story presented is very mature and sweet, although this theme is often discussed but this film is able to present an emotional side that is very deep and puts […]

The Darkest Minds: Sweet but Not Cheesy

The Idea: When teens mysteriously develop powerful new abilities, they are declared a threat by the government and detained. One of the most powerful young people, Ruby, escapes from her camp and joins a group of runaways who are seeking a safe haven. Betrayed by the adults in power, this newfound family soon realizes that […]