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Escape Plan 2: Just Escape From This Movie


The Idea: Ray Breslin manages an elite team of security specialists trained in the art of breaking people out of the world’s most impenetrable prisons. When his most trusted operative, Shu Ren, is kidnapped and disappears inside the most elaborate prison ever built entirely computerized and constantly changing shape, Ray must track him down with the help of some of his former friends.


  1. They bring a hi-tech concept in the storyline, nice move.
  2. Xiaoming Huang, Wes Chatham, Jesse Metcalfe can steal the spotlight in this movie.


  1. The script is very worst. You will find a very weird and predictable storyline,  also it makes no sense. Not only that, the presence of Sylvester Stallone also does not provide a very meaningful atmosphere in this film.
  2. Yes, we must say it was a good concept when you collaborate it with the hi-tech thing, but still it too much somehow. It’s like bring your imagination to the real world but it happens right now. I mean, like c’mon.
  3. The effect in this movie is a piece of shit so get over it.


Conclusion: Do not ever imagine that this movie will be able to provide a thrill sensation like when you watched this movie before. Forget about it! You will only find a film wrapped with an absurd imagination. It’s not that we hate this movie, it only comes with very cheap effects and the story is too imaginative, it is not a right choice.

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The Idea: Inside a desert oasis, a queen lays dying as her son Prince travels across barren wastelands to find a near-mythical medicine to save her life. After evading violent raiders on motorbikes led by the Warlord (James Franco) and his enforcer, Prince meets Ash, the Warlord’s robot sex companion-assassin who’s in search of her own soul. As Prince is captured by the Druglord, the Warlord’s forces roar in – and Prince fights to save the remnants of humanity.


  1. They put A-list stars to support in this movie.
  2. This movie has a fresh story concept.


  1. The film has many plots that are bland and do not have a strong storyline also complicated.
  2. Even they put A-list stars still didn’t give a lot of impact to the movie. Yes, it is still boring.
  3. Taking pictures is like reminding us of Hollywood movies in the 1990’s, which we think this is an improper step.


Conclusion: Although it comes with a new concept, the very unfortunate execution of this film can be regarded as a major failure. Where the story presented with a very long and complicated groove, thus making the audience feel saturated from the beginning of the film until the end. The presence of famous actors in this movie also does not give a big enough effect, you will only feel trapped by the director to buy tickets for this movie. Tragic is not it?

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Love, Simon: Not Just An Ordinary Love Story


The Idea: Everyone deserves a great love story, but for 17-year-old Simon Spier, it’s a little more complicated. He hasn’t told his family or friends that he’s gay, and he doesn’t know the identity of the anonymous classmate that he’s fallen for online. Resolving both issues proves hilarious, terrifying and life-changing.


  1. There are many wonderful quotes in this movie.
  2. The acting of the actors who are regarded as newcomers in the film industry can seize the attention of the audience. There are also big names involved in this production which is also able to give a sweet touch on this film.
  3. We must say, this movie has a good soundtrack.


  1. It can be said that this film has excellent potential to be explored again, but you will realize that there are some points in this film that have very strong weakness in the script also the storyline and make it a bit boring.
  2. The ending is a little bit cheesy.



Consultation: This film is able to provide learning about a social issue faced by teenagers at this time. Without giving a material that is too heavy to watch, it provides an interesting education on the value of friendship, family, love, and self-discovery. So why not to invite your family to watch this movie on the weekend.


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3 AM Part 3: A Guilty Pleasure


The idea: The new horror ensemble from Five Star continues the journey into the darkest and scariest hour of the night: 3AM. When man and spirit, the living and the dead, find each other again.


  1. This movie has a good concept (for three short movies) that are smart enough.
  2. With the perfect editing concept, this short films can build a frightening imagination and atmosphere well.
  3. The ability of the actors and actresses can be said to be smart. Shooting technique was fairly smart.



  1. Although present with three short movies is quite tense, it is unfortunate these three films do not have a strong connection so that the audience will feel the difficulty to build the emotion.


Consultation: As a horror movie, this movie is capable of frightening the audience, but it is unfortunate that the three directors in this film do not have an emotional bond in producing it so that the audience will assume that these films are unrelated to each other.


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Jurassic World: Get Over It


The Idea: After Isla Nublar is destroyed by the volcano, the dinosaurs are brought to Lockwood’s large estate, in America. At the estate, Owen and Claire realize that the dinosaurs are being auctioned rather than saved. An extremely dangerous hybrid dinosaur known as the Indoraptor escapes and terrorizes people at the estate.



  1. The opening scene is totally awesome.
  2. Very light and simple storyline.
  3. Extremely beautiful cinematography and (for the initial 60 minutes), the film is able to present a fun adventure.



  1. The acting of Chris Pratt will remind us all on Guardians of the Galaxy.
  2. The supporting actors/actresses are also not able to give a strong act on this film so it feels very monton.
  3. Although it comes with cinematography that pampers the eyes, this film can be said to have effects that are not too beautiful.



Conclusion:: This movie seems to be able to provide a fresh and fun spectacle, but that only you can enjoy at the beginning of this movie. You will not find a very strong storyline between this movie and the previous one. Not only that, there will be no scenes in this movie that can leave a deep impression after you watch it. So, why we just don’t skip it and wait for the DVD?


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Happy Dead Day: Unlimited Shocking


The Idea: A college student relives the day of her murder with both its unexceptional details and terrifying end until she discovers her killer’s identity.


  1. In the weird way, we love the idea of the story, arguably different and unique. The story-line also smart! The scenario is very stressful (in a brilliant way), this movie was able to build a sense of confusion and funny at the same time
  2. The editing is the best!
  3. All the actors/actress were great. I love it.


  1. Well, there is one very disturbing question, from which he was able to repeat the day many times? This answer was not found until the end of the movie.


Conclusion: This movie is highly recommended for thriller and murder movie fan. It is able to give curiosity, tension, and shock at the same time. For me, do not think about the end of this movie, just enjoy it and you will not regret it at all.

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Geostorm: Discussion of Social Issues with Natural Disasters


The Idea: When catastrophic climate change endangers Earth’s very survival, world governments unite and create the Dutch Boy Program: a world wide net of satellites, surrounding the planet, that are armed with geoengineering technologies designed to stave off the natural disasters. After successfully protecting the planet for two years, something is starting to go wrong. Two estranged brothers are tasked with solving the program’s malfunction before a world wide Geostorm can engulf the planet.




  1. It’s been a while, I do not see Gerard Butler playing the movie very well. He is able to give his own touch to the character of Jake Lawson. It seems that he is able to live this role very well.
  2. We really like the selection of actors in this film. Many famous names that have rarely seen again present to support this film. Of course, their acting skills can also be calculated very well such as Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Ed Harris, and Andy Garcia.
  3. We could say they have a fun and different story concept. Certainly equipped with effects that can be said to spoil your eyes.
  4. They are able to discuss political issues with a very beautiful narrative.




  1. Although it comes with a perfect idea, it can be said that the execution results are still minimal. The story-lines are predictable.


Conclusion: If you want something that is easy to digest and does not want a heavy movie, then this film is able to present a fun entertainment. Not to forget, this film also discusses the crucial and social issues that are currently being discussed.