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Jokowi: Not “Big” Like We Think

  The Idea: This is the story about Indonesian sweetheart, Jokowi. Inspiring from the best true story and inspiration also phenomenal person, this movie bring you to know him more about his childhood and his love story.  We’re Crazy about: Well we want to thanks to K2K, who bring this movie with so much elegant […]

War World Z: A Perfect Zombie

The Idea: United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world racing with time to stop zombie pandemic that is toppling the armies and governments, threatening to decimate humanity. We’re Crazy About: We love the reason the zombie ‘pick’ their victim. They have a reasonable reason. This is so bold. We also love the storyline which is […]

Man of Steel: The Human Side of Superhero

  The Idea: A child was sent to earth from a dying planet was adopted by a couple in Kansas. Now, he’s grown into a young journalist and discovers his extraordinary powers. The hero in him must emerge to protect earth from an insidious evil.   We’re Crazy About: In previous ‘Superman’ we never see Clark […]

Monster University: How The Story Goes

  The Idea: This is the story about Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan meet at the 1st time. This movie explain why this two monsters can meet up and end their story become a best friend. If you a huge fans of this all monsters, make sure you watch this movie.   We’re Crazy About; […]

Now You Can See Me: Summer Dark Horse

  The Idea: An FBI agent and interpol detective track a team of illusionist as known as four hoursemen. Police think that This four hoursemen who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money. Is this the part of the magic or it just a part of the show?   […]

A Weeding Invitation: A Masterpiece From Asia

  The Idea:  Li Xing and He Qiao Qiao are childhood lovers, upon reaching graduation from university Li Xing proposes to Qiao Qiao. She refuses to marry him on the grounds that he is not marriage material. They come to the conclusion to make a contract that, if after 5 years they are still single they’ll […]

After Earth: Nightmare on Summer

  The Idea: A crash landing leaves General Cypher Raige and his son Kitai on earth, 1.000 years after cataclysmic events forces humanity’s escape to Nova Prime. Asteroid storm damaged Cypher and Kitai’s craft. Cypher lies dying in the cockpit. All his life, Kitai wants to be a soldier like his legendary dad. Now is his […]